Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Message from Jackie

Always Beautiful No Matter What
By: Jackie Clark

The way a woman looks and feels is important every day, but especially when dealing with cancer. If you're dealing with a diagnosis of cancer, whether it be mesothelioma cancer, breast cancer or any other form of cancer, you understand how much it means to have a normal day where you look and feel good. Looking and feeling beautiful directly benefits emotional well being and since the mind/body connection is important when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, feelings of well-being are important to achieve and maintain. But how do you go about this? Here are a few tips to help and remember-- you are always beautiful no matter what.


Skin can grow sensitive during treatment and you may feel dried out. Hydrate from within and without each day to give your skin a healthy, luminescent glow. Drink plenty of water or herbal tea as you're able to and apply a gentle moisturizer to your skin. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser, too, to avoid skin irritation.

Do Your Nails

Some forms of chemotherapy can affect your nail color. But there's no need to feel embarrassed about your hands when you can conquer discolored nails with some of today's bold nail polish colors.

Add Color With Makeup

After you moisturize your skin, it's primed for makeup application that lasts longer than makeup applied to dry skin. A little bronzer swept over your forehead, the tip of your nose and along your jaw line can add color and make your skin look sun kissed. Add a bit of cream blush across your cheekbones for a healthy glow.

A Splash of Color With Clothing

Color in your clothing can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Whether you wear a comfortable pants outfit with a bright color, a dress with color blocking, or a brightly patterned scarf tied around your neck, the addition of color serves as an instant pick-me-up. No matter what the season, try colors such as bright pink, warm yellow, or turquoise blue. Experiment with fun patterns and designs. Clothing is meant to be fun and should be an expression of your personality. Pick out one colorful thing to wear each day, even when you're not leaving the house.

Wig, Scarf or Head Wrap

Hair loss due to chemotherapy can be devastating. Regardless of how well you prepare for it, once it occurs, it can be difficult. How you choose to deal with it should depend upon what you're most comfortable with. If you want to wear a wig, be sure to see someone who specializes in wigs for cancer patients so you can get one that makes you feel beautiful when you wear it. If a wig feels uncomfortable to you or you simply don't want one, treat yourself to some colorful scarves or head wraps, instead.

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