Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY/green and yellow.

Today is a super casual day for me, but don't worry, I plan on bringing in the new year with style! 

I love this scarf!

I'm so proud of my very first DIY scarf! It was so easy to make (literally took me twenty minutes) and it makes for a great accessory. A friend of mine, Brittany, is very creative and introduced this idea on her very own blog.

I think I've fallen in love with DIY fashion projects, so be looking out for more hand crafted items! If you have any cool projects or ideas, let me know. I'm always interested in anything involving a little creativity! 

Happy New Year! <3

jacket, top, necklace - Forever 21
scarf -DIY

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Reddest Red

Sushi! I absolutely love sushi and it's probably my favorite food.

Tonight for dinner I went to Wasabi (on Dickson) and had a huge plate of Wasabi Crunch and Tempura Shrimp rolls. I haven't branched out much to try any other types besides the ones with crab or shrimp, but I've always wanted to. I hear the eel rolls are good. Maybe I'll try that next time.


Another thought: red lipstick. 

I've recently fallen in love with wearing red lipstick, only I'm awful at styling around it (and I'm not afraid to admit it). I'd like to go for both feminine and "punk rock" looks with the color, but I need tips on how to achieve both. Any suggestions? 

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm so terrible at this blogging thing, but I'm in love with the idea of having a blog so I'll keep trying. :p

Today I went shopping and it wasn't the best experience. I'm not sure if I've been shopping too much lately, but I didn't find anything! Does anyone (by anyone, I mean all two of my followers) know where I can get reasonably priced basic items for my wardrobe? I've got plenty of accessories and things to spruce up an outfit, but the problem is that I don't have anything to spruce up!

A friend of mine recently turned me onto Oak NYC and I'd love to own every piece on the site.

Things I'd like to have:
These pants

Simple black dresses

Cute/comfy black boots
Basic tees to wear with anything


Saturday, December 25, 2010


I'm starting a blog of things I like which can be anything from fashion and photography to things I like to eat.
It probably won't be regularly updated, but I'll try my best. 

I could start off by telling you about myself, but that would take forever so instead I'll tell you some basics:
I'm seventeen, I like fashion, my favorite color is green (but I'd never wear it), I have two dogs, I take pictures, I have a thing for neutrals and I wish I could play the drums.


Today was/is Christmas and I got a brand new Nikon D90. It's already the love of my life and I haven't even been able to go out and shoot with it yet. Anyway, I think I'll start out today with a photo I submitted to a local lookbook called I love this website because it gives everyone an opportunity to sport their sense of style, and occasionally I'll find inspiration for an outfit of my own. Also, if you're friends with me on Facebook, this is my profile picture.

Denim shirt, Gap (thrifted) - Jeans, Forever 21, Shoes, Aldo - Scarf, Forever 21 - Earrings, thrifted