Thursday, November 1, 2012

Media Contact #1

Before I began this post, I didn't think I had, had any contact with the media today. I woke up this morning twenty minutes before my first class and didn't have time to watch the Today Show as I normally do. I have refused to check social media in the last week -- therefore I couldn't have been in contact with the media today, right? Wrong. The media are EVERYWHERE. I recalled that when I woke up, my television was on (I'd forgotten to turn it off last night) and the first thing I heard was E! News telling me about Kim Kardashian's "new rock" that could be a potential engagement ring.

I became upset with society for a second because we are so wrapped up in celebrity life, that we would much rather pay attention to a baseless story about a woman getting a new ring instead of jumping at the opportunity of donating canned goods to homeless people in the region. I'd heard that on the radio on my way to class, too (another contact with the media that I had completely ignored).

How is it that, as a society (or maybe it's just me), we have become completely engulfed in the culture of those that have more, that we don't even pay attention when we are called on to help those that simply do not have?

The idea is a stretch, I understand, but it really makes me wonder why I would even have a reaction to a story about a giant diamond ring on a celebrity's perfectly manicured pinky finger, and feel nothing at all when I hear about the heartache in my own neighborhood.

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